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Physician Assistants of Michigan Political Action Committee



To donate to PAMPAC and protect your PA future, please click here for the donation form.



Vaughn Begick, PA-C


Committee Members

Mike DeGrow

Thadd Gormas

Ron X. Stavale, PA-C


Purpose of Committee:

The Physician Assistants of Michigan Political Action Committee (PAMPAC) is the single mechanism in Lansing for PAs to help keep legislators in office; specifically those legislators who understand physician assistant issues and are friends to the PA profession.  PAMPAC is also a pathway to help elect those individuals who are currently health professionals or candidates and advocates of physician assistants.


So, does a PAC buy influence?  Not necessarily.  A PAC allows an organization like ours to make a connection with or promote a legislator, so that they can place themselves in a decision making role.  A PAC allows our lobbyist and key PA leaders to promote our organization by donating money, attend fund-raisers, network with the legislators, and take the political pulse on issues, while continuing to mention the words Physician Assistant to the decision makers.


Oftentimes, it is difficult to translate the importance of a strong and effective PAC onto paper; it has more to do with the relationships that are built and the strength that sustains them.  The strength of these relationships has everything to do with a consistent and repetitive message.  The message can be vocalized in support or lack of support for a piece of legislation that affects PAs or in the form of financial support for a legislator that is sensitive to PA issues.  It is one of the key components to the continued success of our organization and a tool that MAPA’s lobbyist uses to be successful.  Our goal is to be a stronger and viable PAC that keeps the PA profession in the forefront of legislator thoughts and decisions.


Committee Activities:


MAPA is very fortunate to have Mike DeGrow as our lobbyist; he has been steadfast in helping key players and legislators recognize the physician assistant profession and translate the idea that PAs are part of a team that delivers quality health care.  Mike focuses on legislators who have been supportive of MAPA or who are on influential Health Committees in the state.  When important issues for PAs need to go through (or not go through) the legislature, that is the time when our influence and Mike’s lobbyist role really helps support our profession in attending to these details that can affect our ability to practice medicine.


Key Points of PAMPAC:

Allows our organization to connect and promote legislators sensitive to PAs and our issues

Our lobbyist can promote our organization and identify supportive legislators

Gives our lobbyist and PA leaders’ opportunities to network and connect with legislators and get the political pulse on issues that affect PAs


Your donation to PAMPAC is an investment in your professional future!  Help us give you a say to the legislators who oversee your ability to practice medicine in Michigan.  Your donations help carry the PA message to Lansing by supporting legislators who support and believe in the PA profession.  There are several levels of donations to PAMPAC that are recognized, these include:

                PArtner- up to $99                           PAtriot- $100 to $499                      PAladin- $500 and above


Any and all donations are accepted to PAMPAC and will help to strengthen our voice and position as health care providers in Michigan.  Invest in Your Future, Donate to PAMPAC.


Current Projects:

Fundraising continues at the MAPA conferences, both the Spring and Fall events and thank you letters are sent to all donors.  PAMPAC committee members and MAPA board members attend fundraisers as they occur for key members of Health Committees in both the Michigan House and Senate.


To donate to PAMPAC and protect your PA future, please click here for the donation form.


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