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Important PA Announcements

New PA Law 
MAPA is working with LARA's Bureau of Professional Licensing to ensure continuity of patient care during the implementation of the new PA law. Here is LARA's most recent update:


  1. 60 Day Grace-Period:  BPL/LARA will honor this provision in the practice agreements between a physician/provider and a PA.  BPL/LARA wanted to have a 60 day grace period from the effective date of the new law to give the agency time to receive and process the controlled substance license (CSL) applications.

    Rather than cut the continuity of care off and prevent licensed PAs from providing the much needed health care services for health systems and physician practice groups, the agency needs to take a reasonable approach to give licensees time to submit their CSL application and for the agency to review and process these appropriately. 

    a. Please note that 60 days from the March 22, 2017 date this grace-period will not continue or be allowed.  In addition, it is up to each provider and physician to handle how they see appropriate and ultimately the contents of the practice agreements is between the provider, physician, and PA so long as it is pursuant to the law and rules.

    b.We encourage licensees who want to prescribe CS, Schedule 2-5 drugs to not wait until the end of the 60 day grace-period but instead apply now for their CSL.  Once our agency receives the application we will process it is as quickly as possible. 

  2. Specialty Practice:  The agency has been asked how a specialty designation of a physician and/or a PA would affect the practice agreementas well as whether a physician or a Medical Director could enter into multiple practice agreements with a number of PAs.  Our agency notes the following:

    a. BPL does not license based on specialty designations for physicians and PAs. However, some professions may require a certification, in addition to the license, but this does not affect licensure through BPL How the practice agreements are established; the physician to PA ratio; and ultimately how these are executed, is between the physician and PAin accordance to the law and rules. 

  3. Fingerprinting:  Due to technical issues with the software that generates the fingerprinting forms and notices as well as lack of clarity in the law, BPL has waived fingerprinting for the CSL.  However, a new applicant who is not currently licensed as a PA and is seeking licensure as a PA will need to be fingerprinted. 

We have currently 5,197 active licensed PAs in Michigan.  

MAPA Elections
MAPA is looking for leadership candidates for the 2017-2018 fiscal year!  Open positions include President-Elect, Secretary, Representatives for Regions 1, 3 and 5, and Chief Delegate and Delegates for the AAPA House of Delegates.
Please visit our Elections page for more information.

Obtaining a Controlled Substance License
As part of the recently passed Public Act 379 (effective March 22, 2017), PAs are no longer delegated prescribers - instead they are independent prescribers within a practice agreeement.  Due to this change, PAs are now required to obtain a controlled substance license.  PAs may submit their controlled substance license applications to LARA immediately, but no licenses will be issued prior to March 22.  For more information and to obtain the CS application, please click here.

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