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History of MAPA
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The History of MAPA

In August 1974, Western Michigan University and Mercy College of Detroit (now known as University of Detroit-Mercy) graduated the first class of PA's in Michigan. In October 1974 many of the new graduates were informed that Michigan was about pass unfavorable legislation regarding PA's. This prompted the group to contact the AAPA. They were advised to form an affiliate chapter as soon as possible. Bill Klerk, Dick Lane, Jack Kircher, Greg Terpstra, and Mike Davis formed the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants in Kalamazoo, MI. In November 1974, Articles of Incorporation were signed for AAPA as a nonprofit organization.

In 1976 Michigan’s first PA Legislation was enacted all PA’s in Michigan were invited to Governor Milliken's Office to witness the signing ceremony. The first female president was Judy Willis in 1980. MAPA has come a long way since our origin in 1974. We are currently under the leadership of our 36th president.

The history of the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants has been documented in a video presentation: “A Struggle to Grow: The Early Years of the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants.” Many of the people listed in the timeline below were interviewed regarding their memories of the early struggles to gain the legal authority to practice medicine and acceptance by the medical community as legitimate partners in providing competent high-quality care for Michigan’s citizens. We will be linking that video to Youtube soon for viewing.


Milestones for the profession

  • January 1, 1973 - The Commision on Physician Assistants is formed.

  • August 1974 - The 1st class of PA's in Michigan graduate from Mercy College of Detroit (now known as University of Detroit-Mercy) and Western Michigan University.

  • October 1974 - Michigan Academy Of Physician Assistants is formed by Bill Klerk, Dick Lane, Jack Kircher, Greg Terpstra, and Mike Davis in Kalamazoo, MI.

  • November 1974 - AAPA signs Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit organization.



Term Years - MAPA Presidents


1974-1975 – William Klerk
1975-1976 – William Klerk
1976-1977 – Michael Davis
  • 1976 - PA Enabling Legislation passed in Michigan - all PA’s in Michigan were invited to Governor Milliken's Office to witness the signing ceremony.

1977-1978 – Kenneth Klegon
1978-1979 – Norman Holton
1979-1980 – James Frick
1980-1981 – Judy Willis
  • Extremely restrictive PA practice rules were defeated by grassroots lobbying in hearings with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

1981-1982 – Wayne Augustyniak
1982-1983 – Ron Nelson
1983-1984 – Cary Wisniewski
1984-1985 – John Emond
1985-1986 – Mark Eichenlaub
1986-1987 – Marsha Schultz
1987-1988 – Richard Evans
1988-1999 – Michael Nido
1989-1990 – John Kircher
1990-1991 – John Kerney
1991-1992 – Dennis Furlong
1992-1993 – Vaughn Begick
1993-1994 – Robert Ross
1994-1995 – Barbara Wolk
  • Multiple attempts at public hearings on controlled substance rule change fail due to opposition of organized medicine

1995-1996 – Barbara Wolk
  • MAPA hires a lobbyist to help pass Sampling Bill. MNA amendments cause MAPA to kill the bill. Issue is reintroduced and passes at a later date.

1996-1997 – Kathleen Dobbs
1997-1998 – Gregor Bennett
1998-1999 – Rad Hayden
  • Due to the difficulty in getting laws passed, MAPA uses membership dues to hire a lobbyist/executive director dedicated to improving the practice environment for Michigan PAs.

1999-2000 – Greg Haskell
  • MAPA creates a list of ‘Barriers to PA Practice.’ A plan was created to overturn all of the antiquated laws disallowing PAs to practice in aspects of care or allowing negative interpretation by administrators of health plans and State agencies.
  • After over 10 years of work, MAPA finally changes the BCBSM office supervision requirements for PAs.
  • Legislation passes allowing Physicians to delegate the ability to prescribe controlled substance medications to PAs and NPs.

2000-2001 – Lori Oswald
2001-2002 – Gale Easton
  • Public Acts 543 - Good Samaritan; 618 - Allows for Bus Driver physicals; 647 - Allows PAs to write for handicap parking permits
  • Differences between the State of Michigan and the DEA create uncertainty for PA’s writing controlled substance prescriptions. After 2 years of discussions, the issue was resolved.

2003-2004 – Phil Schafer
2004-2005 – Dan Ladd
  • Public Acts 19, 133, 144, 152, 187, 512

2005-2006 – Michael McClain
  • Public Act 281 - Allows PAs to refer to Physical Therapists

2006-2007 – Andrew Booth
  • Public Acts 41, 48, 49, 50 and 51

2007-2008 – Jim Kilmark
  • After over 15 years of work, MAPA finally overturns BCBSM refusal to pay for Surgical PA first assist.

2008-2009 – John McGinnity
2009-2010 – Wallace Boeve
2010-2011 – Suzanne York
  • July 19th, 2010 Public Acts 124, 125 & 126 add PAs to list of professionals able to form professional corporations (PC) and professional limited liability corporations (PLLC), and clarifies that physicians and PAs can enter into theses businesses.
  • September 2010, MAPA, MSMS and MOA leadership meets to form a joint taskforce to address the future of healthcare in Michigan forming a consensus statement emphasizing the PA/Physician Team as central to mutual success.
  • SB 384 is passed by the Senate and is awaiting House review. The bill addresses access to care issues such as delegation of hospital rounds, prescriptive restrictions, and limitations on signatures on forms that only list the physician.

2011-2012 – Brian Gallagher
2012-2013 - Ronald X. Stavale
2013-2014 - Jay Kaszyca
2014-2015 - Heather Klopp
2015-2016 - Chris Noth
2016-2017 - R. David doan III
2017-2018 - JOHN R. YOUNG
2018-2019 - KARL G. WAGNER, Jr.
2019-2020 - JODI ZYCH

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